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Eco-sustainable doors for furniture

In addition to the usual and traditional approaches in production, GT has decided to improve “green” materials, a very current topic with a growing trend. In fact, “secondary” raw materials are created from the recycling of wood, plastic, paper and aluminum, which can be transformed into new objects.

Ante per mobili in materiale riciclato

The goal was to develop a door for the furniture industry that is made from recycled material and meets the same quality requirements as virgin material, a solution that does not compromise on quality or price.
After analyzing the different possibilities offered by recycled materials, it was decided to combine a PET film/foil, derived from materials collected from waste, with a chipboard panel that combines the differentiated values of the circular economy and sustainability using fibers from recycled wood and different origins.
In this way, a recyclable and hygienic product has been created that does not release toxic substances into the environment and ensures maximum practicality thanks to its good resistance to scratches, stains, heat and light.
This project represents an important step for GT towards a circular economy that guarantees new uses for waste materials.
Choosing a door made of recycled material to furnish your home is an excellent solution both from an environmental and economic point of view. A perfect solution to enhance modern environments, focusing on simplicity and elegance.