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A constantly evolving reality that passionately pursues quality and innovation

Perseverance in the commitment to the highest quality and the ability to get the best from the positive energy of ingenuity: these are the cornerstones of our approach to the creation of finished doors, panels and cabinets.


We have been carrying out
a growth project

based on research and development since 2007, on the investment in qualified human resources, on the constant updating of technologies and on the careful study of the market trends’ evolution. Mission: to satisfy customer requests in a focused, complete and proactive way, putting passion at the service of innovation.

production versatility and the richness of the range - GT Italia

Today we represent a certainty for manufacturers of kitchens and bathroom furniture, for distributors of furniture components and small pieces of furniture. What sets us apart are the production versatility, the richness of the range and the ability to work alongside the customer to get the best suited solutions to the specificity of his needs.

Made in Italy - GT Italia

The ability to keep up with technical progress and the great attention paid to design, find in our products the ideal meeting point, thanks to the vocation of the geographical area in which the company was born, a very effervescent production district developed in Veneto, from which a substantial part of the “Made in Italy” linked to the furniture supply chain has spread all over the world.


Numbers that relate
a solid and reliable reality

production sites
sqm of surface
highly skilled employees
pieces produced per day

Our commercial activity makes use of a
qualified and widespread sales network,

which currently operates mainly in Italy, France, Germany, England, Denmark, Croatia, Israel and Greece, however looking at the markets from a global perspective, depending on the requests coming from any country in the world.